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YMCA Youth Super Sports is not just another sports program. During each season everyone receives equal practice and play time. We’ve also modified each sport to make it safer and more enjoyable to play. We teach our players to show respect for all involved in YMCA Youth Sports. It’s about coaches being role models of good sporting behavior. We believe competition is a positive process when the pursuit of victory is kept in the right perspective. YMCA Youth Super Sports encourages parents to be involved appropriately in their child’s participation. We offer programs to all youngsters regardless of ability, gender, race, or religious creed. Sports are fun for most kids and if we take the fun out of sports for young athletes we are in danger of the young athlete taking themselves out of sports.
Spring Soccer
Registration: Jan-Feb
Age Groups: 3 yr. olds – 12 yr. olds
Fall Soccer
Registration: July-Aug
Age Groups: 3 yr. olds – 12 yr. olds
Registration: Oct-Nov
First Practice: Week of Nov 12th
First Games: December 8
Age Groups: 3-4(PreK), K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-5th, 6th-8th
rates start at $25/ mem/ month $45/non mem/month
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