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Group Fitness Classes
Health & Wellness Classes
Included in your membership are many group exercise classes - classes perfect for the beginning exerciser or for the fitness enthusiast. Our YMCA offers traditional aerobics, step classes, yoga, and more..
Strength & Cardio Equipment
Our YMCA has up to date and easy to use equipment that may include stair climbers, recumbent bicycles, cross trainers, treadmills and more. In addition, our members have use of free weights and strength training equipment. Our Health and Wellness staff is certified professionals who provide many services to help you meet your needs and objectives.
Proper exercise attire is required. No restrictive clothing or blue jeans, please.
Class Descriptions
Senior Aerobics
Class designed for the older adult population. Includes aerobic activity and strength exercises that will help increase bone density, functional fitness and balance.
Arthritis Class
This class is specifically for those older adults that require a slower paced class emphasizing flexibility exercises appropriate for arthritis patients.
This advanced class is for anyone looking for a challenge! Will include plyometrics, strength and endurance moves designed to give your body a complete workout.
30 minutes of pure core work designed to strengthen and tone your mid section.
Horizontal Conditioning
This is a great total body workout primarily using your own body weight to get a strong upper body, core and toned legs and glutes. If you are looking for a new way to get fit and stronger, this class is for you!
AM Aerobics
A low impact/high energy aerobics class using step benches, interval training and floor aerobics to improve cardiovascular endurance.
Beginner Yoga
This class is designed for anyone wanting to try yoga for the first time. Class is also appropriate for those desiring a slower paced yoga and more time to learn the movements.
A yoga routine incorporating basic yoga poses. Excellent for developing strength, improving flexibility and balance, and reducing stress. This class is open to beginners as well as those with prior knowledge of yoga who wish to enhance their current practice. Participants are encouraged to go at their own pace.
Power Pump Aerobics
Improve strength, muscular endurance and overall fitness through a new approach to exercise. Individuals choose the amount of weight to use for a workout. Class is appropriate for all levels of fitness and includes an aerobic warm up.
Check out the HOTTEST fitness craze around the world!!! Latin based dance class fused with fabulous fitness moves makes for the most fun you have ever had working out!!! You will burn calories without even realizing it!!! Join the craze today!!!
Group Cycle/ Intermediate Spin
Group cycle class is an instructor lead class set to fun, motivational music that will get your heart pumping as you spin away the pounds! 45 minutes of pure cardiovascular exercise followed by a 15 min core class for a complete workout!
Beginner Aerobics
This class is designed with the new exercisers in mind. Join us to learn how to workout to music using the step and aerobic moves as well as strength and toning.
Healthy Back
This class is good for anyone needing a good stretch session and some gently lower back exercises.
High energy class that includes cardio and basic boxing techniques.
Yoga with Weights
30 minute class that incorporates the use of light weights with traditional yoga poses.
Golden Lines
Join the fun! Come dance the pounds away with Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, and more of your favorite dances.
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